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Gundert, Hermann [Transl.]

The prophetical books of the Old Testament: translated out of the Hebrew into Malayalam by the Rev. Dr. H. Gundert

Mangalore, 1886

Citation link: http://idb.ub.uni-tuebingen.de/diglit/GaXXXIV5_2 URN: urn:nbn:de:bsz:21-dt-128662 DOI Band: 10.20345/digitue.12866 METS: http://idb.ub.uni-tuebingen.de/diglit/GaXXXIV5_2/mets IIIF Manifest: http://idb.ub.uni-tuebingen.de/diglit/iiif/GaXXXIV5_2/manifest.json License: